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Early Sentiments 151 
they are damnable. Have faith in what I tell you, and 
save your souls ! ” In which of these conflicting doctrines 
are we to place our faith if we are not to hear all sides, and 
to rely upon our own judgment in the end? Are we to 
understand that it is the duty of man to be credulous in 
accepting whatever the priest in whose neighbourhood he 
happens to reside may say ? Is it to believe whatever his 
parents may have lovingly taught him ? There are a vast 
number of foolish men and women in the world who marry 
and have children, and because they deal lovingly with 
their children it does not at all follow that they can instruct 
them wisely. Or is it to have faith in what the wisest men 
of all ages have found peace in believing? The Catholic 
phrase, “ quod semper quod ubique quod omnibus ”—“ that 
which has been believed at all times, in all places, and by 
all men”—has indeed a fine rolling sound, but where is 
the dogma that satisfies its requirements ? Or is it, such 
and such really good and wise men with whom you are 
acquainted, and whom, it may be, you have the privilege 
of knowing, have lived consistent lives through the guidance 
of these dogmas, how can you who are many grades their 
inferior in good works, in capacity and in experience, pre¬ 
sume to set up your opinion against theirs ? The reply is, 
that it is a matter of history and notoriety that other very 
good, capable, and inexperienced men have led and are 
leading consistent lives under the guidance of totally 
different dogmas, and that some of them a few generations 
back would have probably burned your modern hero as a 
heretic if he had lived in their times and they could have 
got hold of him. Also, that men, however eminent in 
goodness, intellect, and experience, may be deeply pre¬ 
judiced, and that their judgment in matters where their 
prejudices are involved cannot thenceforward be trusted. 
Watches, as electricians know to their cost, are liable to 
have their steel work accidentally magnetised, and the best 
chronometer under those conditions can never again be 
trusted to keep correct time. 
Lastly, we are told to have faith in our conscience ? well 
we know now a great deal more about conscience than 
formerly. Ethnologists have studied the manifestations of 
conscience in different people, and do not find that they


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