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Early Sentiments 149 
form of piety : there is also a morbid condition of apparent 
inspiration to which imaginative women are subject, especi¬ 
ally those who suffer more or less from hysteria. It is 
accompanied in a very curious way, familiar to medical 
men, by almost incredible acts of deceit. It is found even 
in ladies of position apparently above the suspicion of 
vulgar, fraud, and seems associated with a strange secret 
desire' to attract notice. Ecstatics, seers of visions, and 
devout fasting girls who eat on the sly, often belong to 
this category. 
Early Sentiments. 
The child is passionately attached to his home, then to 
his school, his country, and religion ; yet how entirely the 
particular home, school, country, and religion are a matter 
of accident ! He is born prepared to attach himself as 
a climbing plant is naturally disposed to climb, the kind 
of stick being of little importance. The models upon 
whom the child or boy forms himself are the boys or men 
whom he has been thrown amongst, and whom from some 
incidental cause he may have learned to love and respect. 
The every-day utterances, the likes and dislikes of his 
parents, their social and caste feelings, their religious 
persuasions are absorbed by him ; their views or those of 
his teachers become assimilated and made his own. If 
a mixed marriage should have taken place, and the father 
should die while the children are yet young, and if a ques¬ 
tion arise between the executors of his will and the mother 
as to the religious education of the children, application is 
made as a matter of course to the Court of Chancery, who 
decide that the children shall be brought up as Protestants 
or as Catholics as the case may be, or the sons one way 
and the daughters the other ; and they are, and usually 
remain so afterwards when free to act for themselves. 
It is worthy of note that many of the deaf-mutes who 
are first taught to communicate freely with others after 
they had passed the period of boyhood, and are asked 
about their religious feelings up to that time, are reported 
to tell the same story. They say that the meaning of the 
church service whither they had accompanied their parents,


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