Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

84 Inquiries into Human Faculty 
senting what I see. There was a little difficulty in the perform¬ 
ance, because it is only by catching oneself at unawares, so to 
speak, that one is quite sure that what one sees is not affected 
by temporary imagination. But it does not seem much like, 
chiefly because the mental picture never seems on the flat but 
in a thick, dark gray atmosphere deepening in certain parts, 
especially where i emerges, and about 20. How I get from 
100 to 120 I hardly know, though if I could require these figures 
a few times without thinking of them on purpose, I should soon 
notice, About 200 I lose all framework. I do not see the 
actual figures very distinctly, but what there is of them is 
distinguished from the dark by a thin whitish tracing. It is the 
place they take and the shape they make collectively which is 
invariable. Nothing more definitely takes its place than a 
person’s age. The person is usually there so long as his age is 
in mind.” 
T. M. “The representation I carry in my mind of the 
numerical series is quite distinct to me, so much so that I 
cannot think of any number but I at once see it (as it were) in 
its peculiar place in the diagram. My remembrance of dates is 
also nearly entirely dependent on a clear mental vision of their 
loci in the diagram. This, as nearly as I can draw it, is the 
following :— 


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