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laboratory, will appear in appropriate scientific serials, and 
especially in Comparative Psychology Monographs and the Journal 
of Comparative Psychology. Several reports are now in press or in 
According to intent, the Anthropoid Experiment Station will 
serve both as observational establishment and as a source of 
relatively standardized and definitely described chimpanzee sub¬ 
jects for experimental use. It cannot at present be predicted 
whether the supply of animals will prove more than adequate 
for the needs of the Yale University laboratories. It is 
hoped, however, that it may and that other institutions and 
investigators may thus be assisted. Naturally all scientific 
aspects of chimpanzee reproduction, from the morphological to 
the sociological, are being studied at the Station, but simulta¬ 
neously and as practicable other interests are being developed and 
other problems attacked. 
While arrangements were being made for the establishment of 
an anthropoid breeding station, plans were prepared for a new 
permanent laboratory in New Haven. Construction of this 
laboratory, as portion of a wing of the Sterling Hall of Medicine, 
was completed during the summer of 1931, and in August equip¬ 
ment and chimpanzee colony were moved from the old Primate 
Laboratory to the new quarters. With abandonment of the 
laboratory which had originally been organized as part of the 
Institute of Psychology, administrative affiliation was transferred 
from the Department of Psychology to that of Physiology and the 
earlier designation of the laboratory was changed to “Laboratories 
of Comparative Psychobiology.” As previously stated, this 
name is used as inclusive of the New Haven academic head¬ 
quarters laboratory, the Anthropoid Experiment Station in 
Florida, and any other outlying Yale organization or activity 
financed and operated conjointly therewith. 
The New Haven laboratory, as planned by the writer and his 
associates Doctors Nissen and Tinklepaugh, consists of (1) 
especially designed quarters for chimpanzees or other primates and


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