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The Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology, vol. 2: Dia-Ins
Todd, Robert Bentley
Fig. 300. 
a a, the testicles ; bb, epididymes j c c, vasa defe- 
rentia j d d, vesiculæ semmales. 
were not entirely complete, and there were 
superadded to them a female vagina and an 
imperfectly developed uterus, the Fallopian 
tubes of which ran towards the inguinal rings, 
and terminated with them upon the epididymes 
of the testicles. 
Another instance of hermaphroditic malfor¬ 
mation in the goat, detailed at great length by 
Meckel,* seems also in its principal points 
justly referable to the present division of cases, 
although there was at the same time a tendency, 
in the unequal size of the two cornua uteri, 
&c., to a degree of lateral hermaphroditism. 
Professor Mayer, of Bonn,f has detailed at 
length the dissection of three hermaphroditic 
33?8^>S ^uer Physiologie, Bd. xi. 
t leones Select. Præparat. Mus. Anat. Bonn, 
p. 17-20. tab. iv. fig. 5, and tab. v. figs. 1,2, & 3. 
goats, in all of which the conformation of the 
sexual parts resembled in its more essential 
parts the preceding cases of Thomas and Gurlt. 
In all the three instances there were found two 
male testicles with their epididymes, vasa de- 
ferentia, and vesiculæ séminales ; and at the 
same time there was present a well-marked 
female two-horned uterus, with a vagina open¬ 
ing into the urethra. In the first case the large 
hollow cornua uteri terminated in blind ex¬ 
tremities, and there were only very short im- 
ervieus rudiments of the Fallopian tubes. 
n the second case, at the extremity of the 
right horn of the uterus, a blind appendicula 
was situated, formed by a vestige (according 
to Mayer) of the Fallopian tube ; and from 
this a ligament was sent off to the correspond¬ 
ing testicle ; a similar ligament, but no appen¬ 
dicula, existed on the left side. In the third 
case both Fallopian tubes were present, and 
each ended in a bursa formed by the lamina of 
the peritonaeum, and partly surrounding the 
testicle and epididymes. In two of the in¬ 
stances the ejaculatory ducts seem to have 
opened into the urethra near the point at which 
the vagina terminated in it ; and in one of the 
cases they opened into the canal of the vagina 
itself before it joined that of the urethra. All 
the external organs were male, but malformed 
in so far that the penis was short, and in two 
of the cases somewhat twisted ; and the scrotum 
was either small or wanting. 
The same author* has described the dis¬ 
section of a dog, the sexual organs of which 
exhibited a similar variety of hermaphroditic 
malformation. The Fallopian tubes were per¬ 
vious throughout in this instance, and at their 
further extremities opened upon the neigh¬ 
bouring cellular tissue. The body of the two- 
homed uterus was very small. On compres¬ 
sing the epididymes and vasa deferentia, a fluid 
resembling semen issued from the openings of 
the latter into the urethra. The external sexual 
parts were those of a hypospadic male. 
Several cases of hermaphroditic malforma¬ 
tion in the human subject, similar in their 
anatomical characters to the preceding, have 
been described by Columbus, Harvey, Petit, 
Ackermann, and Mayer. 
a. In a person with external hypospadic 
male organs, Columbusf found two bodies like 
testicles in the situation of the ovaries, and 
larger in size than the latter female organs na¬ 
turally are. From each of these testiform 
bodies two sets of tubes arose, one of which, 
like the male vasa deferentia, passed on to the 
root of the penis and opened into the urethra ; 
while the other, like the female Fallopian tubes, 
were inserted into an uterus. The prostate 
gland was absent. 
b. Harvey J has mentioned a very small her¬ 
maphroditic embryo, on which he found a 
two-horned uterus with two testicles of a very 
* lb. p. 16.- tab. iv. fig. 3, external parts of 
generation ; fig. 4, internal. 
t De Re Anat. lib. xv. 
Î De Gen. Anim. Exerc. Ixix. p. 304.


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