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The Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology, vol. 2: Dia-Ins
Todd, Robert Bentley
the case of a calf which Gurlt* believes to 
belong to the present head. Neither testicles 
nor scrotum were observed externally, and the 
penis or enlarged clitoris, which occupied its 
normal situation, was apparently perforated by 
the urethra, and crooked upwards so as to 
throw the urine in that direction. Meryf 
shewed by dissection the true sex of a monkey, 
the length of whose clitoris had deceived some 
observers with regard to the true sex of the 
animal. The enlarged clitoris was furrowed 
on its inferior surface. The clitoris of the 
female Quadrumana is, as shall be afterwards 
more particularly mentioned, relatively larger 
than in the human subject, and retains in a 
greater degree the size and type of structure of 
this organ in the embryo. 
We may here further mention that, as pointed 
out by Blumenbach,I the clitoris and orifice of 
the urethra are placed at some distance from 
the vagina and in front of it, in the rat, mouse, 
hamster, &c. This normal structure has some¬ 
times been mistaken for an hermaphroditic mal¬ 
2. From prolapsus of the uterus.—It may 
at first appear strange that this occurrence 
should ever lead to any difficulty in ascertain¬ 
ing the sex of the individual, though not only 
non-professional observers but even the most 
intelligent medical men have occasionally been 
so far misled by the similarity of the protruded 
organ to the male penis, as to mistake a female 
for a male. Of this circumstance some curious 
illustrations are on record. 
M. Veay, physician at Toulouse, has inserted 
in the Philosophical Transactions of London, 
vol. xvi. p. 282, a brief account of the case of 
Marguerite Malause or Malaure, who was 
entered as a female patient in the Toulouse 
Hospital in 1686. Her trunk, face, &c. pre¬ 
sented the general configuration of a female, 
but in the situation of the vulva there was a 
body eight inches in length when on its fullest 
stretch, and resembling a perfectly formed male 
penis in all respects, except in not being pro¬ 
vided with a prepuce. Through the canal 
perforating this body she was alleged to eva¬ 
cuate her urine, and from its orifice M. Veay 
had himself an opportunity of seeing the men¬ 
strual fluid flow. After being examined by 
several- physicians she was pronounced to be 
more male than female, and ordered by the 
civil authorities to exchange the name of Mar¬ 
guerite for that of Arnaud, and to wear male 
attire. In 1693 she visited Paris in her male 
habiliments, and reputed herself endowed with 
tire powers of both sexes. The Parisian phy¬ 
sicians and surgeons who examined her seem all 
to have accorded in opinion with the faculty of 
Toulouse, until M. Saviard|| saw her and de¬ 
tected the supposed penis to be merely the 
prolapsed uterus. He reduced the protruded 
organ, and cured the patient. Upon the enigma 
* Lehrbuch der Pathol. Anat. Bd. ii. s. 193. 
t Hist, de l’Acad. (1686) tom. i. p. 345. 
t Comp. Anat. p. 335. 
<$ Doebel, in Nov. Liter. Maris Balthici (1698), 
|| Recueil d’Observations Chirurgicales, p. 150. 
of her hermaphroditism being thus solved, she 
was permitted by the king, at her own request, 
to assume again her female name and dress. 
Sir E. Home* detected a case of reputed 
hermaphroditism of the same description as the 
last, in a French woman of twenty-five years of 
age, who exhibited herself in London, and 
pretended to have the powers of a male. The 
cervix uteri was uncommonly narrow, and pro¬ 
jected several inches beyond the external open¬ 
ing of the vagina. The everted mucous surface 
of the vagina had, from constant exposure, lost 
its natural appearance and resembled the ex¬ 
ternal skin of the penis. The orifice of the os 
tincæ had been mistaken for the orifice of the 
urethra. The prolapsus had been observed at 
an early age, and had increased as the woman 
grew up. 
Valentinf mentions another analogous in¬ 
stance of sexual ambiguity produced by a 
prolapsus of the uterus. In this case the 
husband mistook the displaced organ for the 
penis, and accused his wife of having “ cum 
sexu virili necquicquam commune.” 
A case quoted at great length by Arnaud J 
from Duval, of reputed hermaphroditism in a 
person that was brought up as a woman, and 
married at twenty-one years of age as a male, 
but who was shortly afterwards divorced and 
imprisoned, and ordered again by the Court 
of Rouen to assume the dress of a woman, 
appears to us to belong very probably to the 
present division of our subject, the reputed 
penis being described as placed within the 
vagina. The recorded details of the case, 
however, are not so precise as to leave us with¬ 
out doubt in regard to its real nature. 
In cases such as those now mentioned, in 
which the prolapsed uterus, or, more properly 
speaking, the prolapsed uterus and vagina have 
been mistaken for the penis, it appears proba¬ 
ble that the neck of the uterus must have been 
preternaturally long and narrow, otherwise it 
would be difficult to account for the apparent 
Small diameter and great length of the prolapsed 
organ. Among Professor Thomson’s collection 
of anatomical drawings of diseased structures 
there is one of an uterus containing in its body 
a fibro-calcareous tumour, and having a neck 
of three inches in length. M. Cruveilhier§ 
has represented a similarly diseased uterus with 
a neck of between five and six inches. An 
organ shaped in this manner, whether from 
congenital malformation or acquired disease, 
would, when prolapsed for some time, repre¬ 
sent, we conceive, a body resembling in form 
and size those observed in Saviard’s and Home’s 
cases. The prolapsus arising from a protrusion 
of an ordinary shaped uterus is generally of a 
greater diameter and roundness. 
This second species of spurious female her¬ 
maphroditism is not observed among the lower 
B. Spurious hermaphroditism in the male.— 
* Comp. Anat. vol. iii. p. 318. 
fT Pandectæ Medico-Legales, t. i. p. 38, Casus xii. 
l^Mém. sur les Hermaphr. p. 314-18. 
§\Anat. Pathol, liv. xiii._Pl. iv.


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