Volltext: Manufactures of Balances & Weights for Essay, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Purposes.

Balances for Scientific Researches 
X° ii2. Fig. 16. — New 
improved short beam 
Analytical Balance for 
a charge up to 200 gram - 
mes in each pan sensible 
to '/on milligramme, in 
french mahagony glass 
ease, front si i ding frame 
counterpoised wi th 
glass toj) to admit more 
ligt on rider. All parts 
of the Balance sire moun¬ 
ted and fastened on 
plate glass “/.«inch thick 
so that nothing can get 
out of order through 
warping of tpe wood. 
All bearings are agate 
planes,steel knife edges. 
Beam is graduated in 
'/IO,h milligramme and 
in such a manner that 
the rider can be plaeed 
on the centre of the 
beam and used from 0 point to either end of the 
beam, provided with new improved arrangement 
for arrest of pans and beam, rider apparatus and 
weighing tubes, pans 7 centimeters in diameter 
width of pan support 4 inches.......£ 16 18 o 
These balances are made also like Fig. 14 on page 15 
Fig. 16. N° 116 
N" n3. — Ditto with agate knife edges.......17 8 o 
N° 114. — Ditto for a charge up to 5oo grammes in each pan 
sensible to ,/I„th milligramme.......21 10 o 
N° n5.— The same with agate knife edges . . . . . 22 o o 
N° 116. — Ditto fora charge up to 1 kilogr. in each pan, 
sensible to ‘/,0th milligramme.......s5 i5 0 
N(l 117. — The same with agate knife edges...... 2(3 10 o 
With aluminium beam (extra)....... 1100


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