Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The theory of decrementless conduction in narcotised region of the nerve
Kato, Genichi
results given above convince us that the nervous impulse does suffer 
reduction, but there is no decrement during its passage along nar¬ 
cotised tract of nerve. This is a direct proof for the conclusion 
which I have derived from the experimental results made by Dr. 
Maki, and by Dr. Minami. Another example (No. 12) may be 
quoted in Fig. 10. 
One word for those "who would repeat this experiment : special 
cares must be paid in preparing the nerve. If a nerve suffers 
microscopical injury or something like that between F and b2, it 
may allow narcosis to proceed more rapidly than in the other parts, 
and the conduction may come to extinction very early between bj 
and b2 in some fibres. Consequently the number of the fibres which 
give electric response will be fewer in b_, than in* b,. In such a 
case the electric response will naturally become smaller at h, than 
at bj, so that it may be mistaken for a decrement. The electric 
response below the chamber (c) is a good guide-board in such a 


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