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The theory of decrementless conduction in narcotised region of the nerve
Kato, Genichi
occasions in which the distance of spread of the c i iront is not in¬ 
creased beyond the wall of a narcotiging chamber through which 
the nerve is passed and plugged with vaseline when a stimulus is 
applied within the chamber. It is probable that the spreaded current 
is deviated along the wall of the chamber. 
Now let me turn back, for a while, to the results obtained in 
the repetition of Lodholz’s experiments (see Chap. VII, A and B) 
You will remember that the strong “ inside ” stimulus applied at 
B (Fig. 21 p. 70) and that applied at D or C (Fig. 25 p. 83) 
remained successful to reach the muscle at or after the stage of 
narcosis at which con faction failed from “ outside ” electrode A. 
The coil distances which were needed to affect the muscle at this 
stage of narcosis were 310-270 mm. at B (Fig. 21.), 300-250 mm. 
at D and 280-190 mm. at C (Fig. 25). As mentioned before 
the strongest stimulus applied at C failed, in about half of the ex¬ 
perimental cases, to reach the muscle at the same time with that 
applied at A. The distance from B to the distal end of the nar¬ 
cotising chamber is ß mm. and that from D and C is 10 and 20 
mm. respectively. From Hayashi’s results it is obviously shown 
that the strong stimulating currents in question would spread over 
nearly the whole of these distance respectively, in other words the 
nervous impulses do not take their origin within the narcotised region 
of nerve. For example, the inside stimulus of coil distance of 300 
mm. applied at B (Fig. 21) is capable of starting a nervous impulse 
from a point 2-5—9-4 mm., according to the condition,1 below the 
1. The extent of the spreading of stimulating current of given intensity is by no 
means constant. Some time we have obserbed that under certain condition, the stimulat¬ 
ing current (coil distance 300 mm.) have spreaded so widely as over 10 mm. On 
tire other hand it is not rare that the “ inside stimulus ” applied at B remained 
successful to affect the muscle for 2 or 3 day long after the suspension of conduction 
from outside electrode, although the narcosis continues to deepen. In such a case, the 
stimulating current happened, without doubt, to spread widely out of the chamber 
and has started the impulse from a normal part of nerve.


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