Volltext: Thinking, feeling, doing

Thinking, Feeling, Doing. 
Probable ex¬ 
Influence of 
the difference among the scales was one of arrangement 
of the intervals within the octave, corresponding to the 
major and the minor, but the more recent opinion is that 
the difference is one of pitch. The Lydian is a tone to 
a tone and a half 
higher than the 
Phrygian, and the 
Dorian is a tone be¬ 
low the Phrygian. 
The Dorian is 
neither too high nor 
too low, and ex¬ 
presses a manly 
Fig.49. Influence of Pitch on the Power of,Grasp. ç}^j"\ctcr 
It might be suggested that the special melodies associ¬ 
ated with each scale may have had much to do with the 
case. Nevertheless it has been proven that the pitch 
itself has an effect on the greatest strength of grip. Fig. 
Fig. 50. Dynamograph. 
49 shows the number of pounds for one person’s hand¬ 
grip as the scale was run up on the piano. 
In order to indicate the pressure continuously the


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