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Thinking, feeling, doing
Scripture, Edward Wheeler
Reaction- Time. 
of a locomotive is not so conducive to a quick jump by 
the passengers on the platform as a sudden escape of 
A particular case of reaction to sound is found in start¬ 
ing a race. In short-distance, or sprint, racing the time 
required for the re¬ 
action is a very im¬ 
portant factor. The 
starter’s pistol is 
fired and the racers 
are off, but the man 
with a very short 
reaction-time will 
have gained a re¬ 
spectable fraction of Fig',7' The pistoUkey' 
a second over the other. To measure this reaction-time 
an electric contact is put on the end of the starter’s pistol. 
The arrangement is shown in Fig. 17. The firing of the 
_pistol causes 
Fig. 18. The Runner’s Key. 
cC the wing to fly 
back and break an 
electric circuit, thus 
making a record. A 
runner’s key of the 
kind shown in Fig. 18 
is attached to the run¬ 
ner by a thread. The 
start of the runnef jerks and breaks the thread ; this 
moves the lever and makes another record. 
Although I have never had time to carry out an ex¬ 
tended series of èxperiments on racers, the experi¬ 
ments made have shown a few facts. The first point 
noticeable is that long-distance runners are very much 
at the start of a 
Some results.


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