Volltext: Thinking, feeling, doing

and the only way to bring it next to red is to cut the 
scheme out and bend it around into a cylinder. 
But all the light colors, or tints, pass off toward 
white, and all the dark colors, or shades, converge 
Fig. 87. Diagrammatic Arrangement of the Colors. 
toward black ; they ought to be closer together than the 
other colors. By cutting out the figure along the zig¬ 
zag lines you can bring all the points together at the top 
and at the bottom. You will then have a double- 
pointed cone like that in Fig. 88. 
We are only finite, limited human beings and cannot 
even grasp the idea of the infinity, the unlimited number 
of full colors in the spectrum series. Red, for example, 
includes a large number of different reds passing grad¬ 
ually toward orange. We have divided them into red, 
orange red, reddish orange, and orange ; but we might 
just as well have made ten, twenty, or any number of 
The fact that tints are whitish colors is known to those 
who use paints. It can be proven by use of the color- 
Its final form, 
the color-cone. 
The infinity of 
Tints are 
whitish colors.


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