Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Handbook for the Physiological Laboratory. Text
Burdon-Sanderson, John Scott E. Klein Michael Foster T. Lauder Brunton
Section I.—Saliva and its Secretions. 
72. Mode of obtaining Mixed Saliva.—To obtain a sufficient 
quantity of human saliva for examination, the secretion of the 
salivary glands must be stimulated artificially. For this purpose 
any of the mechanical or chemical stimuli to be mentioned in § 85 
may be used. To avoid the risk of the saliva becoming altered 
by mixture with the substance used to quicken its secretion, the 
mechanical stimuli should be preferred. There is no objection, 
however, to the employment of ether vapour. 
» 73. Examina ion of Mixed Saliva.—Appearance.—Saliva 
is transparent or opalescent. It sometimes deposits a white pre¬ 
cipitate almost immediately after it has been collected. When 
poured from one vessel to another, it is seen to be more or less 
viscid, in consequence of which it is generally filled with air- 
bubbles. If none are present, they are readily produced by 
blowing into the liquid through a narrow glass tube, when it is 
seen that they take a long time to subside. If the saliva is 
allowed to stand long, a thin pellicle of carbonate of lime forms 
on its surface. Microscopical Examination.—Saliva contains 
numerous air-bubbles, pavement epithelium cells from the mouth, 
and round cells (salivary corpuscles) resembling lymph corpuscles, 
within which are numerous granules in constant movement. 
** 74. Determination of the Amount of Water and of 
Solids.—Take a small porcelain crucible with a lid, dry it in an 
air-bath at 100° C., put it under a bell-jar over a dish contain¬ 
ing strong sulphuric acid till it is quite cool, then weigh it 
immediately and note its weight carefully. After weighing it, 
replace it in the air-bath for another hour, cool it and weigh 
it again as before. If the weight is less the second time 
than the first, the process must be repeated till no further loss 
of weight occurs. Introduce some saliva into it and wreigh again.


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