Volltext: Microscopes and Accessories for the Microscope, Carl Zeiss, Jena, 35th Edition

With analysers of this type it is not possible to obtain a view of the entire 
field without moving the eye about. 
ABBE Analyser Eyepieces. 
In these eyepieces an analyser of a special type is mounted between the eye¬ 
piece lenses. This arrangement has the special advantage that the entire field of 
view of the microscope can be surveyed without the necessity of moving the 
eye about. It has, however, this slight disadvantage that the second laterally 
deflected image of the analyser prism remains feebly visible. 
No. 12.7860. Huyghenian Analyser Eyepiece No. I, being a Huyghen- 
ian Eyepiece No. 2 mounted for use with achromatic objectives. 
No. 12.7861. Compensating Analyser Eyepiece No. I, being a Compem 
sating Eyepiece No. 4 mounted for use with apochromatic objectives. 
These eyepieces may also be mounted in the form of Analyser Eyepieces 
No. II with divided circle. 
Combinations of Polarisers and Analysers. 
For keeping the polarisers and analysers protected from damage we supply 
the various Combinations of Polarisers and Analysers in specially fitted cases. 
The prices of some of these combinations will be found below. 
In the event of a divided circle, such as that of our Goniometer Eyepiece (p. 87), 
being available the analyser may be adapted for use with it. In this case the price is 
that of the combination without divided circle plus M. 3.— for the adaptation of the mount 
of the analyser to the existing circle. The divided circle should be sent to us for this purpose. 
Analyser Eyepiece H. I for use with achromatic 
Analyser Eyepiece C. I for use with apochromatic 
Analyser Eyepiece H. II for use with achromatic 
objectives, with divided circle....... 
Analyser Eyepiece C. II for use with apochromatic 
objectives, with divided circle....... 
Combinations of Polarisers and Analysers for 
use with Stands I, III and IV. 
12.7880 Polariser 
12.7881 „ 
12.7883 „ 
12.7884 „ 
and Analyser I, in case..... 
„ ,, II, in case..... 
„ Analyser Eyepiece H. I, in case 
C. I, „ 
H. II, „ 
C. II, „ 
Marks Codeword 
40. — Michelozzo 
53.— 1 Michels 
55.— Micher 
68.— Michery 
41. — Miching 
58.— Michito 
66.— Micho 
79.— Michordia 
83.— Michon 
96.— Micho tie


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