Volltext: Microscopes and Accessories for the Microscope, Carl Zeiss, Jena, 35th Edition

No. 12.7610. Test Plate. This was devised by ABBE in 1876 as a means 
of testing objectives with respect to their spherical and chromatic aberrations 
and for ascertaining the thickness of the cover-glass at which the correction of 
the objective is best. When used in conjunction with the ABBE illuminating 
apparatus as a means of establishing the conditions of critical illumination it 
serves to bring out prominently the slightest imperfections in the correction. 
The Test Plate, as now made, consists of an object slide upon which is 
mounted a long narrow strip of optically plane cover glass, which tapers uni¬ 
formly from 0.24 mm at one end to 0.09 mm at the other end. A scale is at¬ 
tached to the device, by means of which the thickness at any point of the wedge 
can be read accurately within 0.01 mm. The bottom of the cover-glass is silvered 
and has ruled upon it four sets of parallel lines. The jagged edges of these 
rulings form exceedingly sensitive test objects for objectives of the highest power. 
Details respecting the method of applying the test have been published 
by E. ABBE, Arch. f. mikr. Anat., 9, 434—437, 1873; Gesammelte Abhandlungen, 
1, 66—68, 1904; DIPPEL, Das Mikroskop, 1, 340; as well as in the ’’Directions“, 
Mikro 116, supplied with the Test Plate. 
No. 12.7620. Diffraction Apparatus. This apparatus was devised by 
Abbe in 1876 for demonstrating the effects of diffraction in the formation of 
microscopical images. It consists of a Diffraction Plate No. 12.7621 and a Set 
of Stops with a fitting for supporting and rotating them above the objective. 
The stops supplied with the Diffraction Apparatus are adapted for 
use with the Objective aa only. 
The successful use of this demonstration apparatus implies an adequate 
knowledge of the theory of diffraction. Information on the subject may be 
gleaned from textbooks on microscopy and various papers. We may refer the 
reader amongst others to the Monthly Micr. Journ., 17, 82—88, 1877; DIPPEL, 
Das Mikroskop, 1, 147 — 156; ZIMMERMANN, Das Mikroskop, 46—51, Vienna, 1895; 
MÜLLER-POUILLET, Lehrb. der Physik, 2, Vol. 3, tenth Edition by O. LUMMER, 
Brunswick, 1907. 
No. 12.7621. Diffraction Plate. This device consists of a glass slide 
upon which are mounted three cover glasses. The lower sides of the latter are 
silvered and have a number of simple and crossed gratings ruled upon them. 
ABBE Test Plate, in case........ 
ABBE Diffraction Apparatus....... 
ABBE Diffraction Plate only, in case .... 


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