Volltext: Microscopes and Accessories for the Microscope, Carl Zeiss, Jena, 35th Edition

tube-length. The body hinge is fitted with a lever handle for clamping it at any 
required inclination. Thanks to the wide diameter of the body tube these stands 
are available for unrestricted use of lenses of highest and lowest powers, includ¬ 
ing the Projection Lenses and Microplanars. These stands are accordingly 
equally well adapted for ocular observation, microscopic projection and 
photo-micrography. The foot is of the horseshoe pattern; it is heavily made 
of finely polished and lacquered brass. 
b) Stand IS. 
Stand I S differs from Stand I in that the stage is attached to a fitting by 
means of which it can be racked up and down in the direction of the axis of- 
the microscope. This stand is accordingly particularly well adapted for every 
species of observation with incident light as well as for every kind of work with 
transmitted light. It lends itself also admirably for the examination of unusually 
thick objects. The foot is coated with crystal lacquer and is of an unusually 
heavy design. 
For description of this stand see our booklet Mikro 236. 
c) Stand III. 
Stand III differs from Stand I in that it has not the wide tube of the latter. 
Hence projection lenses of very low power can either not at all be used with 
it or this can only be done by sacrificing the outer portion of the pencil of 
light transmitted by these lenses. When used for photo-micrographic projection 
or photo-micrography it can be so employed with microscope objectives only. 
In its adaptability for ocular observation it satisfies, on the other hand, the most 
exacting requirements. In the place of the polished foot it is fitted whith a 
horseshoe foot which is neatly coated with crystal lacquer. 
The stand is so arranged that it may initially be acquired with an equip¬ 
ment comprising the indispensable components only and subsequently supplemented 
by the addition of other object stages or complements to the illuminating apparatus. 
The stand is supplied with or without Revolving Nosepiece, as may be 
For detailed Description see our booklet Mikro 93. 
Revolving and Centring Vulcanite Stage 
No. 12.0670 and Complete ABBE Illu¬ 
minating Apparatus without condenser*) 
Large Mechanical Stage No. 12.0680 and 
Complete ABBE Illuminating Appa¬ 
ratus without condenser*) .... 
*) Suitable Condensers are specified on page 52.


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