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Microscopes and Accessories for the Microscope, Carl Zeiss, Jena, 35th Edition
Zeiss, Carl
III. Illumination by Incident Light. 
For the examination o! opaque objects, metallurgical specimens, etc. 
it is desirable and often necessary to provide a suitable device for adequately 
illuminating the object from above. When the free working distance of the object¬ 
ive is sufficiently long the object can generally be viewed by daylight or lamp¬ 
light such as can be made to fall on it without any special aids and, when desir¬ 
able, the lighting can be improved by placing in front of the microscope a Bull’s 
Eye Condenser (No. 13.9250, p. 110). This applies to low power objectives up 
to AA, say. With higher powers, from Objective B upwards the working distance 
is too short to admit of direct illumination from without, and in all these cases it 
becomes necessary to illuminate the object by light passed through the objective. 
This is accomplished with the aid of a Vertical Illuminator. 
b: Reflecting Prism. 
K: Button for Turning the 
Reflecting Prism. 
Fig. 15. 
Vertical Illuminator, No. 12.0400. 
(Full Size.) 
A: B: 
Vertical Illuminator attached to microscope View from above, 
tube and carrying an Objective C in short 
mount; showing one half in cross section. 
No. 11.0400. * Vertical Illuminator (Fig. 15). The mount of the apparatus 
has at the side a window, through which the light proceeding from the lamp falls 
upon a reflecting prism covering half the aperture of the objective. Undergoing 
total reflection at the oblique face of the prism, the light traverses the objective and 
is thus concentrated upon the object. It will be understood that the presence of 
the Vertical Illuminator does not encroach upon the field of view. 
To secure the best results while using the Vertical Illuminator it is most essen¬ 
tial that the back lens of the objective should approach the prism as closely as 
possible, and hence all objectives intended to be used with the Vertical Illuminator 
should be fitted with specially shortened mounts. This does not interfere with 
their use for ordinary observation, provided they are not specially corrected in 
other respects. As a rule, objectives so mounted are corrected for a mechanical 
No. j j Marks ’ Codeword 
12.0400 Vertical Illuminator, in case.......18.— Micanio


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