Volltext: Microscopes and Accessories for the Microscope, Carl Zeiss, Jena, 35th Edition

culars of which will be furnished an enquiry). It is likewise necessary for taking 
photo-micrographs with ultra-violet light (“Mikro 170“). 
The Quartz Condenser is supplied with two interchangeable fronts. One 
of these consists of two lenses and imparts to the combination a numerical 
aperture of 1.3, the other consists of a single lens and makes the aperture 0.8, 
whilst with the back lens only the aperture becomes 0.3. The condenser 
mount is so arranged that it can be slipped into the Centring Adapter No. 11.4241 
(Fig. 12). The mount of the condenser has an iris-diaphragm attached cencen- 
trically to it. 
Objects intended for use with this condenser should be mounted on slides 
of crystallised quartz (No. 12.8900, page 105), the thickness of which amounts 
to about 0.5 mm. Under certain conditions object slides of U.-V. glass may be 
used for this purpose. 
When any of these above condenser fittings are required for a microscope obtained oh 
a previous occasion it will be necessary to send as a gauge a condenser or cylinder diaphragm 
belonging to the existing microscope. 
b) Illuminating Apparatus for Stands V. 
Stands of the No. V pattern are not equipped with the full sized ABBE illu¬ 
minating apparatus and in its place are fitted with a simplified illuminator. For 
use with these stands we supply distinct condenser and diaphragm fittings which 
slip into a sliding sleeve attached to the underside of the stage. The standard 
sleeve has a diameter of 36.8 mm and will likewise receive the Cylinder Dia¬ 
phragm No. 11.4100 and the Iris Cylinder Diaphragm No. 11.4105 (page 28). 
No. 11.4310. »Simplified Illuminating Apparatus, consisting of a con¬ 
denser of N. A. 1.0 in cylindrical sliding mount and an iris-diaphragm permanently 
attached concentrically with the condenser. 
The condenser is the same as that which forms part of No. 11.4410. 
The Iris Diaphragm of the Illuminating Apparatus No. 11.4310 provides a 
means for the attachment of the No. II Polariser No. 12.7802 (page 94). 
No. 11.4320. »Simplified Illuminating Apparatus consisting of a condenser 
of N. A. 1.2 in a cylindrical sliding mount and an iris-diaphragm permanently 
attached concentrically with the condenser. 
The subjoined fitting may be obtained separately: 
No. 12.0310. Condenser Sliding Sleeve of 36.8 mm inside diameter. This fitting 
can be fitted subsequently to Stands of the VA pattern (page 61) when the latter are 
to be used with the Condensers No. 11.4310 or 11.4320 or the Paraboloid Condenser 
No. 11.4510. 
Simplified Illuminating Apparatus with Con¬ 
denser of N. A. 1.0, for Stand V...... 
Simplified Illuminating Apparatus with Con¬ 
denser of N. A. 1.2, for Stand V...... 
Condenser Sliding Sleeve of 36.8 mm diameter 
for Stand VA............ 


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