Volltext: Microscopes and Accessories for the Microscope, Carl Zeiss, Jena, 35th Edition

No. 11.4120. Two-lens Condenser in slide fitting (Fig. 9 a), N. R. 1.2, 
equivalent focus about 10 mm. 
No. 11.4130. Three-lens Condenser in slide fitting (Fig. 9 b), N. R. 1.4, 
equivalent focus about 8 mm. 
No. 11.4140. *Aplanatic Condenser in slide fitting, N. R. 1.4, equivalent 
focus about 10 mm. 
These Condensers are so mounted that the front lens may be screwed off 
the two-lens condenser and the two front lenses in the case of the three-lens 
condenser. The remaining lens serves then as a long focus condenser of small 
aperture for observations with objectives of low power. 
When the condensers are required to work up to their fullest capacity in conjunction 
with objectives of large aperture the space between the condenser and object slide should 
be filled with immersion fluid. 
*Swing-out Condensers with Iris Cylinder Diaphragm (Fig. 10); 
No. 11.4125: Two-lens Condenser; No. 11.4135: Three-lens Condenser. 
Fig. 10. 
Swing-out Condenser with Iris Diaphragm 
(as it appears when withdrawn from its sleeve). 
(Î Full Size.) 
This pattern was introduced by us in 1894 (Zeitschr. f. wiss. Mikr. 11, 
433 — 440, 1894). The advantage of this arrangement is that the condenser and 
iris cylinder diaphragm are combined in one apparatus. The two parts are so 
connected by an arrangement of hinges that the condenser can be withdrawn 
from the mount of the iris cylinder diaphragm and swung aside. This affords 
a convenient means of rapidly passing from illumination with the mirror and 
condenser to that with the mirror only. 
No. Marks Codeword 
Condensers in slide fitting 
11.4120 Two-lens Condenser, N. Ä. 1.2......20.— Miaron 
11.4130 Three-lens Condenser, N. R. 1.4......25.— Miascite 
11.4140 Aplanatic Condenser, N. R. 1.4......60.— N/cropus 
Swing-out Condensers with Iris Cylinder Diaphragm 
11.4125 Two-lens Swing-out Condenser N. Ä. 1.2 . . . 45.— Miase 
11.4135 Three-lens Swing-out Condenser, N. R. 1.4 . . 50.— Miaseis


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