Volltext: Microscopes and Accessories for the Microscope, Carl Zeiss, Jena, 35th Edition

Any of the Items specified in this Catalogue, unless stated to the contrary, 
will be supplied singly or in any desired combination at the prices appended to 
the respective items. All instruments and appliances made by us bear the name 
and address of our firm engraved upon them and are not supplied otherwise. 
The Prices appended to the Stands apply to the bare stand together with its 
case only and do not include eyepieces, objectives or nosepieces. Suitably equipped 
microscopes will be found at the end of the catalogue. 
The price of a completely equipped microscope is in all cases the aggre¬ 
gate of the prices of the component items. 
All prices are strictly nett for prompt cash and do not include the 
cost of packing and carriage from the works. 
All orders (excepting those of our regular business friends) should be accom¬ 
panied by a remittance. 
All goods are forwarded, carefully and suitably packed, at the expense 
and risk of the consignee. In the absence of specific instructions goods will 
be forwarded by what we regard as the most advantageous route and every pre¬ 
caution will be taken to ensure good and prompt delivery. 
In all cases where any doubt can arise the railway station nearest the 
consignee’s address should be stated. 
The values of the goods are covered under our open policy without lia¬ 
bility for breakage. Packages which bear external marks of damage should 
be accepted under protest with the remark „Not Examined“, otherwise 
the consignee will forfeit his right to claim upon the carriers. 
Names and Addresses should be written plainly on all enquiries and 
orders; and, to obviate errors, the edition or year of publication of this catalogue 
should be specified. 
In telegraphic orders use should be made of the Codewords appended to 
the required item. In the event of any article being required in multiples it is 
advisable to telegraph the required number in words rather than in numerals. 
Jena, 1913. Carl Zeiss. 
Telegraphic Address: Zeisswerk Jena. 
Branch Depots (Wholesale, Retail and Ninor Repairs): 
London W., 13—14, Great Castle Street, 
Oxford Circus. 
Berlin W. 9, Potsdamerstraße 139. 
Hamburg, Rathausmarkt 8. 
Paris 3ième, 6, rue aux Ours (prolonge¬ 
ment de la rue Etienne Marcel). 
Milan, Piazza del Duomo 19. 
St. Petersburg, Kasanskaja Ulitza 2. 
Tokyo, Tsukiji 33a. 
Vienna IX,'3, Ferstelgasse 1, Ecke Maxi¬ 
Telegr. Address: Zeisswerk Wesdo 
Telegr. Address: Zeisswerk Berlin. 
Telegr. Address: Zeisswerk Hamburg. 
Telegr. Address: Zeiss Paris. 
Telegr. Address: Carlzeis Milan. 
Telegr. Address: Mikro Petersburg. 
Telegr. Address: Zeiss Tokyo. • 
Telegr. Address: Zeisswerk Vienna. 
Branch Works: Jena, London, Riga, Vienna, Györ.


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