Volltext: Carl Zeiss Optische Werkstätte Jena: Microscopes and Microscopical Accessories. No. 29

diaphragm; stands IV1 and Va with a condenser system of 
1.20 apert. but without iris diaphragm. The cylinder 
diaphragm for these stands will, in future, only be:supplied if 
specially ordered and charged for separately. It is gauged to 
exactly fit in all cases the sleeve of the condenser system. 
The following separate parts of the illuminating appa¬ 
ratus No. 17 may be supplied singly: 
a) The double condenser system of 1.20 apert...... 
b) The triple ,, ,, of 1.40 apert...... 
Both fixed in their mounts without jacket; with jacket 
the price is Mk. 5.— more. 
c) The cylinder diaphragm — cylinder with three stops . . 
d) Nos 20 to 23.......'......... 
e) Centering collar............... 
f) Iris diaphragm............... 
* Simplified Illuminating Apparatus for the stands ivb 
and V1’. Condenser system of 1.20 num. apert. with iris dia¬ 
phragm (not adjustable excentrically); giving, therefore, central 
illumination in any degree, but not oblique. Fitting the sleeve 
fixed at the underside of the stage of the stands IVb and Vb, 
having simply to be substituted for the cylinder diaphragm . . 
* Illuminating Apparatus for the stands VI and VII. Con¬ 
denser of 1.0 num. apert. to be inserted in place of the cylinder 
diaphragm. Without diaphragms. The gradation of the (central) 
illuminating cone is effected by sliding the system in its jacket 
(Small) iris diaphragm for the illuminator No. 19..... 
Numbers 18 and 19 may be ordered at any time by 
possessors of the corresponding stands, as they are made 
to fit these without any alteration. For fitting an iris 
diaphragm subsequently ordered to a condenser No. 19 it 
will be necessary to have the latter sent to us. 
25 — 
20 — 
©art ZietM, 0pti (ckr tyV&z fi 3ma,


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