Volltext: Carl Zeiss Optische Werkstätte Jena: Microscopes and Microscopical Accessories. No. 29

We have discontinued to supply the KÖETING microtome. 
Of late years the more elaborate microtomes have undergone 
such manifold changes and have become so complicated, that 
only workshops which devote themselves to this special branch 
under the constant guidance of experts can hope to manu¬ 
facture them with any success. We, therefore, limit ourselves 
to the simple microtomes which we have been making for a 
number of years and which admittedly answer the purpose 
for which they were designed. 
* Microtome after our former pattern. Round polished glass 
plate 80mm in diameter, supported by two pillars on a heavy 
brass foot, on which the knife is worked by hand. The specimen 
to be cut is imbedded in a brass tube and pushed up through an 
opening in the plate by a screw with divided head. The divisions 
on the head indicate the thickness in hundredths of a millimeter. 
(Fig. 58.) With knife, in small case.......... 


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