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Psychology of Music 
8. Both odd- and even-numbered partials exist but the odd-numbered par¬ 
tial predominate throughout. This predominance decreases with an increase of 
the fundamental frequency. 
4. The acoustic spectrum for a tone of a given frequency is definitely a function 
of the intensity level: the louder the tone played, the more extended is the series 
of overtones and the greater their intensity relative to the fundamental. 
5. For a given dynamic level the relative energy in the fundamental increases 
with frequency. 
6. The lower partials in the spectrum are decidedly weaker when the record¬ 
ing is made in the dead room than in the live room. 
7. Sonance affects our hearing of the timbre of the clarinet because this 
instrument is exceptionally capable of maintaining a constant wave form in a 
sustained tone played by an artist. 
The French horn has a definite resonance region, spreading from 
200 to 600 The wide and well-balanced spread of partials within 
this region gives the rich and mellow characteristic to the horn. It is 
noticeable that the dominance of this region is so strong that the 
fundamental is practically absent below 150 ~. There is no marked 
consistency in the distribution of energy corresponding to the basic 
loudness of tones. 
This horn has a very rich tone in the middle and the lower 
registers. There are two formant regions, one at 130 to 250 ~ and 
the other around 300 to 800 ~. The first makes the fundamental 
prominent in the 130,173, and 220 ~ tones. The second is especially 
marked in the highest three tones. This wide spread of partials gives 
the characteristic richness of this tone, although in the highest 
register a pure tone may be produced. There is a tendency for the 
loud tones to have more energy in higher partials. 
The cornet gives rich tones in all registers. The first partial is 
comparatively weak in the 194 and 294 ~ tones. On the whole, the 
timbre remains fairly uniform throughout all registers. There is a 
tendency for the energy of the louder tones to be shifted to the 
higher partials. 
The trombone closely resembles the French horn in that the 
dominant region is between 200 and 1,000~, without any evidence


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