Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The New Psychology
Scripture, Edward Wheeler
7 2 
sensations only of coolness. We would naturally say 
that hot spots respond only to warm objects, and 
cold spots only to cold ones. But a source of error 
remains. If we use objects of extreme temperature, 
we find that a cold spot will often answer with a 
sensation of coolness even when the body is very hot. 
(I have never observed the reverse.) It is also observed 
that pointed bodies with a temperature not far from 
indifference are often answered by sensations from 
both hot and cold spots, but that although these are 
clearly sensations of temperature, they are not distin¬ 
guished into those of warmth and coolness. For 
example, when drawing lightly over the hand a pointed 
lead-pencil taken from the pocket (i.e., with a carbon 
point of about the body temperature), I can locate 
certain prominent temperature spots, and can feel 
that the pencil has some temperature to it, but cannot 
say whether it feels slightly warm or slightly cool. 
We have successively limited the problem to more 
definite circumstances. Probably we have gone as far 
as would be profitable without introducing very accurate 
measurements, yet a final solution is just begun. We 
need to take into account the temperature of the 
indifference point, the relation of this temperature to 
that of the body applied, the length of time of 
application, the amount of heat transmitted in that 
time, the quality of attention on the part of the person 
experimented upon, &c. 
Up to this point in the chapter I have confined my 
illustrations mainly to what may be called qualitative 
experiments ; science never stops at such experiments. 
Scientific experiments in the highest sense of the 
word are made up of measurements. Qualitative 
experiments are necessary for preliminary investiga¬ 
tions, but they are inexcusable where quantitative


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