Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The New Psychology
Scripture, Edward Wheeler
have occurred in some way. Let us suppose it to 
resemble the transmission of sound in the air, or of 
light and electricity in the ether in being a vibratory 
movement of some known or unknown medium. Now 
all hitherto investigated vibratory movements are 
reflected from metal mirrors, and this new one will 
probably be no exception to the rule. By means of 
concave mirrors, therefore, we may expect to con¬ 
centrate the thoughts strongly to a focus, so that the 
experiments, which now succeed only occasionally, 
may succeed in large numbers whereby we can hope 
to study their laws. Lehmann, a psychologist, and 
Hansen, a physician, prepared two concave metal 
mirrors with 54 cm. radius of curvature ; the size of 
the mirror was such that the focus lay in the plane of 
the opening, the diameter of this opening being 90 cm. 
The mirrors were placed opposite each other, with their 
axes falling in the same straight line and their foci 
distant by 2 m. Each of the two persons sat with his 
head in a focus, the face being turned to the mirror. 
The experiments were made with numbers of two 
figures each contained as counters in little bags. The 
experiments were carried out in the laboratory, mainly 
in the morning when there was almost perfect quiet in 
the building. It was impossible for either person to 
see directly or indirectly the number drawn from the 
bag by the other. No other persons were allowed in 
the room, in order to exclude the possibility of involun¬ 
tary help. 
The percipient took care to suppress all capricious 
thoughts so that he could await the coming of the 
pictures with a mind as empty of thought as possible. 
After five to ten minutes, pictures of numbers actually 
began to arise in consciousness ; when they had attained 
a certain definiteness they were written down, and, after


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