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moon, a fixed position in regard to the centre of revolu¬ 
tion. By loosening a screw, the inner framework can 
be loosened, so that he can both rotate and revolve. 
If the box is now set in motion by a sudden impulse, 
the person revolves around A, but on account of inertia 
he remains facing in the same direction. After the first 
moments he does not feel the general movement around 
A, but only the progressive changes in his body sensa¬ 
tions due to centrifugal force. This force apparently 
revolves around him, and he believes himself to be in 
the same place but to be revolving around some point 
in the body as if the body were a line whose movements 
produced the surface of a cone. In this experiment 
also the movement with constant velocity appears as 
rest, while the change in our bodily sensations appears 
as deviation from the vertical. 
These phenomena are presented on a large scale by 
the movements of the earth. The rotation of the earth, 
its revolution around the sun, and the movement of the 
solar system, cause us to move in a most complicated 
path with terrific velocity ; yet we are apparently per¬ 
fectly at rest. The centrifugal force due to the rotation 
of the earth is opposed by gravity ; our sensations of 
weight are due to the preponderance of the latter. On 
an earth of less density or with a swifter rotation our 
sensations would not be so strong, and likewise the 
Since movements in straight lines can be considered 
as movements around a centre infinitely distant, it is to 
be expected that here, also, physical velocity appears as 
rest and physical acceleration as bodily velocity. The 
actual experimental proof was produced by Mach. 
An inclined wooden track 22 metres long was built, 
with a fall of 2 metres, or 50 12'. A car for the observer 
was connected by a rope


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