Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

even at the beginning of the experiment. Further 
experimenting was postponed till June. 
The June experiments were begun at the end of a 
month’s work of the most exhausting character. The 
outside work had now narrowed to merely an employ¬ 
ment which was not at all fatiguing, but which prevented 
any rest. The wear of the previous severe strain could 
not be easily repaired. There was very little change in 
the physical condition, and the record shows very slight 
variation. During July the work was steady, but there 
was little improvement in health, and the records showed 
steadily increasing fatigue. 
The second question for consideration is the effect 
of the special fatigue in each experiment of the set 
of forty. In the previous paragraphs only the first 
experiment of the set was considered. With this 
first experiment taken as a standard, any deviation of 
the succeeding results from the same figure can be 
attributed to fatigue resulting from the previous experi¬ 
ments of the same set. Accordingly for each set the 
difference between each experiment and the first 
experiment was computed ; thus, + 3 for the second 
experiment would indicate that the middle point was 
placed 3 mm. further from the eyes than in the first 
experiment. The result of the first experiment was 
thus used as a zero-point from which to reckon the 
effect of fatigue in the following experiments. 
The average divergence of the second result from 
the first was -f 3 for the eight sets in May, that of the 
third was -f 9, &c. The results show an increase from 
the very beginning (Fig. 59). 
The mean variation is, as wë have seen, a valuable 
index of mental processes when all apparatus errors are, 
as here, practically eliminated. The mean variations of 
the results around each of the averages just given for


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