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in small revolving clamps. On touching one of these 
rods it falls, and in doing so it makes electric contact 
for an instant. By connection with the spark coil 
records are obtained on the drum for each of the three 
Let it be required to determine the length of reaction¬ 
time in relation to the intended extent and velocity of 
movement. The finger is placed lightly against C, and 
upon a signal from A it is to be moved past B. The time 
between the sparks from A and C is the reaction-time ; 
the time between those for C and B is the time of 
movement. By varying the distance BC and the time 
of movement the problem can be answered. 
By omitting B the instrument serves as signal and 
reaction-key. By reacting to a movement of A in one 
direction and not in the other it is used for discrimin¬ 
ation and choice. By using B and C alone it is an 
apparatus for repeating and extending the investigations1 
on the time and extent of movement. 
Such an instrument affords the possibility of investi¬ 
gating to just what extent various athletic exercises 
tend to increase rapidity. 
To illustrate the method of determining the edu¬ 
cational value of sports and games I will give an 
example from some experiments on fencers. The visit 
of several expert ^swordsmen to Yale furnished the 
opportunity for experiments on their rapidity in some 
of the fundamental movements of fencing.2 These 
experiments were made with cruder apparatus than 
that shown in Fig. 40, but the principles involved were 
the same. 
1 Fullerton and Cattell, “On the Perception of Small Differences,“ 
103, Philadelphia, 1892. 
2 Scripture, Tests of Mental Ability as exhibited in Fencing, “Stud. 
Yale Psych. Lab.,“ 1894, ii. 122.


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