Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Marietta Apparatus Company: Psychological Equipment, Marietta, Ohio, II
2. Minnesota Spatial Relations Test 
Boards A and B - $ 17.00 
Boards C and D - 17»00 
3. Minnesota Assembly Test 
Long Fomî 
Box A — 
Box 3 — 
3ox C - 
Short Fom; 
Box 1 - 
Box 2 
Assembly Test Score Sheet, per 100 
4. Minnesota Interest Analysis Test, per 100 
5c Packing Blocks Test - 
6. Card Sorting Test - 
7« ’’Minnesota Mechanical Ability Tests" 
(Complete Information and Instructions). 
$ S.50 
$ g.50 
P~4004 Marietta Chronoscope (Spring Motor Drive) - 
Fig.106 This instrument was originally designed to meet the need 
for an inexpensive but reliable chronoscope for general 
student use in the psychological laboratory. 
1. Driven by spring motor the speed of which except at very 
high and very low spring tension, has a variability of 
about one-tenth of one per cent. 
2. The rotation rate of time disk is regulated by means of 
stroboscopic pattern and pulsating light. A small lamp 
nay be used with either 50 or 100 d.v. (a tuning fork). 
The disk pattern may also be used with 60 cycle A.C.light. 
(Neon lamp $1.00 extra.) 
3» When so ordered, the chronoscope is provided with a snail 
bibrating reed timed to 100 d.v. per second, by means of 
which the rotation rate of chronoscope can be regulated 
almost as easily and accurately as by means of the pulsating 
light. ( $2.00 extra,.) 
4. The stroboscopic disk carries a smaller disk, divided into 
hundredths, and this in turn carries a small pointer. The 
stimulus circuit activates an inner pair of magnets which 
arrest the pointer. The reaction circuit activates an 
outer pair of negnots, which arrest the tine disk. The 
displacement indicates the time interval. The scale reads 
at a glance in hundredths of a second. 
P~4005 The New Marietta Chronoscope. — - $ 
Fig*35-27 This is driven by a synchronous motor or an electric 
governor motor. It is improved in detail, quieter in 
operation, and more accurate and convenient. 
(if A.C. is not available, designate D.C. voltage. 
This motor operates at a constant speed when set for a 
specified voltage, within voltage fluctuations of about 
five percent.) 
P~4006 Interval Apparatus (incline Plane Timing Device) - $ 
Fig*35“2S The inclined runway for a pair of steel balls gives, at 
various angles and for various positions of the stop-keys, 
a range of intervals from five seconds to less than one- 
tenth second. For the longer intervals, one ball is used, 
at small elevation, for the short intervals, a greater 
elevation, and the two balls. In the former case, the key 
$ 34.oo. 
$ 29.00. 
$ 1.00. 
$ 2.50. 
$ 7*50, 
$ 6.50. 
$ 5.00. 
$ 45.00. 


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