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Marietta Apparatus Company: Psychological Equipment, Marietta, Ohio, II
Closing switch No« 5 prepares circuit for auditory stimulus (buzzer) 
Closing switch No. 4 prepares circuit for shutter« 
Closing switch No. 2 prepares circuit for response lip key. 
In all of the above cases the stimulus is applied by the 
experimenter’s finger key. 
Closing switch No. 1 prepares circuit for stimulus by experimenter’s 
lip key, and response by subject's lip key. 
Nor example, if experiment is on reaction time for discrimination 
and choice, and if subject is instructed to respond to red light 
with right hand key, and to green light with left hand key, close 
switch No. 6, set light unit at red, close switch No. S, and 
depress stimulus key. Or set light at green, close switch No. 7> 
and depress stimulus key. 
In such cases if wrong reactions are made the trouble of resetting 
the chronoscope to zero is avoided. 
Nor discrimination reaction using light and buzzer as stimuli and 
right hand key for response, close switch No. S, instruct subject 
to press right hand key when light is flashed, but refrain from 
reaction when buzzer is sounded, then close switch No. 6 or No. 5 
in chance order, and apply stimulus by depressing finger key. Here 
again wrong reactions are indicated by a click of subject's key, but 
trouble of resetting the chronoscope for such wrong reactions is 
avoided by having only appropriate switch closed. 
If spoken response to spoken stimulus is desired close switch 
No. 1 and use both lip keys. 
If spoken response to visual—verbal stimulus is desired close 
switch No. 2, also No. 4, and apply stimulus by pressing finger key. 
As noted in Section / describing the chronoscope both stimulus 
and response are secured by closing a circuit. Set pointer of 
small disk at zero on time disk, instruct subject to keep key 
depressed for a few moments after reaction. Experimenter keeps 
his own key depressed until after reaction, releasing it before 
subject releases his. Thus the pointer disk released by the 
magnets then rests on the time disk and reaction time is measured 
by displacement of the one on the other. It is better to stop the 
chronoscope before the subject's key is relèased. 
The chronoscope is driven by a synchronous motor which gives 
one revolution per second with 60 cycle A.C, 
P-3005 Mirror Drawing Apparatus (Freeman) — — $ 32.00 
This consists of wooden base about 24xlS inches supporting a 
reversing writing lever and mirrors* The lever is so construct¬ 
ed as to produce a double reversal of the hand movements, both 
right-left, and foreward-backward. The mirror is freely adjustable 
in the horizontal plane, being hinged or pivoted at three points. 
The lever and hand holding control stylus are concealed by black 
curtains on a rectangular frame supported by four uprights. For 
discussion see Freeman's Experimental Education.. 
P-3105 Fintner-Paterson Performance Test - - $ 54*50 
Fig*99 (Nor details — see following page.) 
-3106 Test of Mechanical Ability - - $ 45.00 
P-3107 Puzzle Board (Test of Mechanical Ability) 
Pig. 101 
$ 35.00


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