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Marietta Apparatus Company: Psychological Equipment, Marietta, Ohio, II
of the intersection, B, which is indicated by a round-headed 
upholstery tack» Fron the center of the intersection, the 
subject may proceed by one of the four radiating paths, 1,2,3» 
and 4 (Fig.3); he has to find the correct one by motor explora¬ 
tion. This correct path is the only one not blocked by a wire 
post, 1/3 in. in dian. and 3/lb in. high. These posts nay be 
removed at the will of the experimenter by manipulating the 
levers I, II, III, and IV. The leavers extend beneath the board 
panel, and are hinged to it at the end near the subject (Fig.2). 
Holes 3/lb in. in dian. are made in the center of each radiating 
path 1-| in. from the center of the intersection. One of the 
levers extends below each of these holes and carries a metal 
post so placed that when the lever is against the panel (i.e. not 
pressed by E) the post will project above the trough of the path 
c/i6 in. The levers are held against the panel by silently 
acting springs. Thus, all paths are closed until E opens one by 
depressing a lever<> 
1,E depresses the levers in accordance with the formula for the 
particular patern S is learning. If the problem requires that 
path I be learned first, E depresses lever I and holds it down 
until S finds his way out over the peg hole« E then allows the 
spring to return the peg, and depresses the lever corresponding 
to the next correct choice in the pattern. It is only necessary 
for E to have before him the numbers indicating the order in 
which the levers are to be depressed. 
"Certain advantages: (l) it is light and compact; (2) the 
pattern is easily and exactly described; (3) a very large number 
of maze patterns are immediately available, the same piece of 
apparatus serving for all the patterns; (4) successive choices 
in one direction does not carry 31s hand far to one side pre¬ 
disposing to choices in the opposed direction; and (5) S may be 
allowed to see the paths with all pegs in place before he begins, 
he thus understands exactly the nature of the situation, but 
learns nothing of the details of the choices to be made,” 
P-1001 Instructions Box. A test of ability to follow directions. $ 35.00. 
Fig.33 (Diel) 
P-2001 Complication Pendulum - - - $ 85.00. 
Fig. 84 
P—2002 Complication Clock - - - $ 65.00 
Fig. S3 
P-3001 Mirror Drav/ing Apparatus - - - $ 32.00. 
P-3011 Freeman’s Puggle Box (Test of Mechanical Intelligence) - $ 45.00. 
P-3002 Goddard’s Form Board - - - $ 6.50. 
P-3OO3 Test of Mechanical Intelligence - - $ 
Fig. 93 
P-3004 Packing Blocks Test - - - $ 7.50. 
P-4001 Vernier Chromoscope - - - $ 27.00. 
Fig. 90 
P-3007 Puzzle Board — - — 
Fig.35~32 There are ten movable parts; when these are operated 
Fig.35“33 in the proper sequence, the disk becomes removable. 
(Sane as Fig. 101. 
$ 35.00


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