Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Palmer Research and Students' Apparatus for Physiology, Pharmacology, Psychology, Bacteriology, Phonetics, Botany, etc.: Manufactured by C. F. Palmer (London) Ltd., Myographic Works, 63a, Effra Road, Brixton, London, S.W. 2. England
Palmer, C. F.
THIS consists of a light aluminium rod 
mounted in a stout brass frame, with 
a stop-piece at one end and a dia. 
supporting stem, which can be fitted to 
either side. 
The Lever fits through an axle pivoted between centres, a thumb-screw located on the axle midway 
between the centres permits the aluminium Lever to be adjusted for length as required. Grooves are cut in 
the Lever to hold threads, etc. 
A very light celluloid writing point is fitted as standard, but the All-Metal Frontal Writing Point, 
C171, can be supplied if required. s- d. 
PRICE. Lever, as illustrated .. . . .. .. . . C95 7 6 
,, ,, with All-Metal Frontal Writing Point . . C96 10 0 
This was designed for the late Prof. Brodie as a lever of 
general utility. In the upper illustration it is shown 
with the levers arranged to form a bell-crank lever, with 
adjustable spring support. In the lower, it is shown with 
two levers to form a double-ended straight lever. The 
axis is screwed, and has two nuts between which the inter¬ 
changeable lever, or levers, are clamped. There is a 
simple device for holding the axis central while screwing up 
the centre screw on which it rotates. It will be noticed 
that the stem screws into the head in various positions as is 
common to many of our levers. 
PRICE, with one plain lever, one notched lever with holes, 
and one short lever. 
C100 8/- each. £4 10 0 per doz, 
“ X ” Block and Stand extra. 
_—-—- 1 The “FIXIT” LEVER. 
This is similar to the “Brodie,” 
and has various levers that can be 
fixed to the spindle, in the centre 
of which is a vulcanite roller 
having three pins set at an angle 
of 90°. On the centre spindle and 
one of these pins the levers fit, a nut holding them in position. Sliding through the frame is a rod carrying 
a spring that can be caused to bear against the roller to resist its turning, so that the lever is held m a 
fixed position while other adjustments are made—hence its name. 
PRICE ........ C101 12/6 each. £1 4 0 per doz. 
can be supplied with a 
Kodak camera shutter re¬ 
lease, to hold the lever 
firmly when required, in 
place of the standard sliding 
rod, at an extra cost. The 
Frontal Writing Point, C170, can also be fitted if necessary. 
s. d. 
“ Fixit ” Lever with Kodak Release .. ClOla. 14 6 
“ Fixit ” Lever with Kodak Release and 
Frontal Writing Point, as illustrated. ClOlb. 17 0


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