Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Palmer Research and Students' Apparatus for Physiology, Pharmacology, Psychology, Bacteriology, Phonetics, Botany, etc.: Manufactured by C. F. Palmer (London) Ltd., Myographic Works, 63a, Effra Road, Brixton, London, S.W. 2. England
Palmer, C. F.
A224 represents a slow-speed Drum, having a standard 
6" x 6" cylinder, and revolving once in seven days. 
It has superior clockwork movement, with 
jewelled escapement, and is supplied complete with 
handle upon which, in the absence of a smoking 
stand (A250), the cylinder can be smoked. £ s d 
PRICE ........A224 10 0 0 
,, If fitted with 12" cylinder A225 13 0 0 
,, Smoking Spindle with 
handle, as illustrated A255 12 6 
(With 6" cylinder) 
CLOCKWORK DRUM, with Lever Movement.—When it is necessary to have a recording Cylinder 
which makes a revolution in a definite time, as for instance when using lined paper with a recording Spiro¬ 
meter, the above will be found satisfactory. Standard speed, one revolution in 20 mins, clockwise or anti¬ 
clockwise ; running time approximately 30 hours with one winding. Light Aluminium lift-off Cylinders 
are fitted, the standard sizes being 6" diameter x 6", 9" or 12" long. f s d 
PRICE, with 6" x 6" cylinder .. .. . . . . A226 8 0 0 
„ 6" x 9" „ ........ A227 8 10 0 
„ 6" x 12" „ ........ A228 9 0 0 
A similar Drum making one revolution in 15 
minutes can also be supplied. 
A231 is a Drum having a speed of one revolu¬ 
tion in five hours. It is supplied with the standard 
size of cylinder, but will quite successfully carry 
one of 12" diameter, as the illustration shows. 
The clockwork is of a more robust design than that 
in A224, and is fitted with the adjustable fan 
escapement. A friction device is incorporated in 
this drum so that it is possible to turn the cylinder 
by hand without fear of damage to the gears. 
The small knob shown at the side is used for 
stopping and starting. 
£ s. d. 
With standard 6" x 6" cylinder A230 8 10 0 
,, 12" x 6" cylinder A231 11 10 0 
Extra cylinder only, 6" x 6" .. A54 110 0 
12" x 6".. A55 4 10 0 
Weight (with 6" cylinder) : 19-lbs. 
A similar Drum can be supplied to run at 
any one faster speed up to one revolution in fifteen 


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