Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Palmer Research and Students' Apparatus for Physiology, Pharmacology, Psychology, Bacteriology, Phonetics, Botany, etc.: Manufactured by C. F. Palmer (London) Ltd., Myographic Works, 63a, Effra Road, Brixton, London, S.W. 2. England
Palmer, C. F.
IN presenting this, our latest Catalogue, the loose-leaf system has been abandoned in favour of the bound 
volume, but Supplementary Lists or Leaflets will be prepared and sent out as new pieces of apparatus 
are produced. 
The rough classification of instruments into groups is retained, and to each instrument has been assigned 
a group letter and number to facilitate ordering, especially for our customers abroad who, by making use 
of the A.B.C. Code, 5th Edition, will be able to shorten a Cablegram very considerably. 
ALL apparatus shown, with very few exceptions, is manufactured by us at these Works. We are 
glad of criticism, and welcome suggestions for improvements, which we are always pleased to make. 
Designing and making new Instruments for research work has long been our speciality. 
Instruments bearing our name are guaranteed as to material and workmanship. Should anything 
prove unsatisfactory we will do our utmost to remedy defects free of cost, charging only transport and 
such-like expenses, if any. 
We are at all times pleased to oblige our clients abroad by procuring apparatus or materials of any 
kind and to ship same with our goods. 
To avoid unnecessary delay and possibility of error, will customers kindly quote the Section and Number 
shown against each item in this list. 
If any modification of the standard instrument is required, a rough sketch with full details will prevent 
any misunderstanding. 
Where electrical apparatus or appliances are ordered please give full particulars of the electric supply ; 
if alternating current, it is essential to give the number of cycles per second. 
Every care is taken in packing, but we cannot hold ourselves responsible for loss or damage in transit. 
Claims for breakage should be made at once to the Carriers. 
Cases and Packing charged extra, full price being allowed if returned in good condition, carriage paid, 
within thirty days. 
Unless we are otherwise instructed, small packages within the various limits of weight will be sent per 
parcel post, large packages for Overseas orders will be despatched, carriage and insurance forward, 
through Messrs. Sutton & Co., Ltd., 22, Golden Lane, London, E.C.l, who attend to our transport 
Prices of apparatus shown are nett prices at these Works and payment is expected within thirty days 
of receipt of goods. 
Remittances from Overseas customers should be made in Sterling, by Cheque drawn on a London 
Bank or by Money Order. 
Please cross all cheques “ Barclays Bank Ltd., South Brixton Branch.”


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