Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Palmer Research and Students' Apparatus for Physiology, Pharmacology, Psychology, Bacteriology, Phonetics, Botany, etc.: Manufactured by C. F. Palmer (London) Ltd., Myographic Works, 63a, Effra Road, Brixton, London, S.W. 2. England
Palmer, C. F.
G . 
F . 
f I *HE following, although not made for any special purpose, will be found useful where a slow, or very 
-*■ slow speed is required. 
G130 represents a simple Speed Reducing Pulley. There are three large speeds of approximately 
3", 4J" and 6" (76, 114 and 152 mm.), and four small, §" to 1 diameter (16 to 32 mm.), which allow a 
possible maximum reduction of about 10 to 1. It is mounted on an iron base, of convenient shape for 
screwing or clamping to table. 
PRICE ........ G130 £17 6 
G131 is a compound Speed Reducing Gear, having a totally enclosed, correctly cut worm and wheel, 
giving a reduction of 50 to 1. There is a small lever, shown at the top, which actuates a friction clutch 
at the back of the larger pulley, so that the driven instrument can be started or stopped at will without 
stopping the motor or other source of power. The largest speed of the driven cone being 6" and the smallest 
of the driving cone 1£", it follows that the maximum reduction is approximately 200 to 1. 
PRICE..........G131 £5 5 0 
It may here be pointed out that when the clutch is out of gear the large pulley runs free and can then 
be used as a simple Speed Reducer as G130, the four smaller speeds being added for this purpose. 
The box will be found very useful when it is desired to run 
driving belts at an angle of 90°, with the additional convenience 
that it is possible by using the various steps of the cone pulleys to 
obtain variations of speed. 
Substantial gunmetal bevel wheels are completely enclosed in 
the box which has an open type clamp for fixing to uprights up to 
V in dia. 
Two 3" four-speed cone pulleys are fitted as standard. 
PRICE. As illustrated . . G137 £2 10 6


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