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Cambridge Physiological Instruments: Booklet No. V, Cambridge Instrument Co., Ltd.
Blood Electrodes 
Fig. 31. 
12 X 12 X 14 inches. 
D'Arsonval galvanometer, Weston normal cell (for standardising 
the potentiometer), lamp and scale outfit, and two-volt accu¬ 
mulator, together with suitable electrodes. The potentiometer 
is of the slide-wire type, having all the moving parts inside the 
case, thus eliminating corrosion and other deteriorating effects. 
To minimise thermo-electric errors, the resistances are made of 
manganin, hard soldered to copper. For some biochemical 
studies, for example, when dealing with actively fermenting 
culture, it is sometimes essential that equilibrium be rapidly 
attained. Hasselbalch found (1911) that a constant potential 
can be quickly reached by shaking the hydrogen electrode 
vessel, and also that by periodically immersing and exposing 
the platinum electrode, only a thin film of liquid has to be 
penetrated by the hydrogen before absorption by the platinum 
black. These principles have been adopted in the Clark system 
of electrodes supplied with the standard outfit. 
The Electrodes illustrated in Fig. 31 have been designed for 
blood work. The complete system of Electrodes is carried on 
a frame which is given a rocking motion by a pulley-driven 
crank pin working in a vertical slot. The frame and the Elec¬ 
trodes are completely immersed in a thermostatically-controlled 
water bath. 
Further particulars are given in List No. 908. 


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