Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Cambridge Physiological Instruments: Booklet No. V, Cambridge Instrument Co., Ltd.
Control Board 
Fig. 15. 
13 X 12 X 5 inches. 
WHEN taking electro-cardiograms, electrical connections 
to the patient are made through the extremities of 
the limbs. Connections made through the two upper 
limbs give a different aspect of the heart’s movements from 
that given from the two lower limbs, and in practice it has been 
found that the most complete information is obtained from a 
series of three electro-cardiograms taken with the following 
connections :—The right arm and left arm, the right arm and 
left leg, and the left arm and left leg (termed leads I, II and 
III respectively). The three limbs are connected to the Control 
Board shown in Fig. 15, upon which is mounted a switch enabling 
any one of the leads I, II and III to be readily connected in 
circuit with the galvanometer. 
The Control Board also provides a means of compensating for 
the “ skin current ” due to a potential difference caused by 
the glandular activities of the skin. In addition, the sensi¬ 
tivity of the ^galvanometer can be standardised, the body 
resistance of the patient measured and the resistance of the 
galvanometer determined. All the contacts are enclosed, and 
the various switches readily operated. 
Further particulars are given in List No. 180. 


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