Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Catalogue des Appareils d'Acoustique construits par Rudolph Koenig
Koenig, Rudolph
My catalogue of 1882 being out of print, I now issue a new illus¬ 
trated edition in which the prices of the former are retained. The 
numbering had to be altered, not only in order to give its proper 
place to some new apparatus, but also to maintain the rule adopted 
in the former catalogue after which the single number always 
indicated the apparatus the most complete of its kind, and the num¬ 
bers, additionned with letters, only pieces of this apparatus, or the 
same apparatus in simpler form. 
Having formed a complete collection of my instruments, I shall 
he glad to welcome those physicists who may desire to pay me a 
visit for the purpose of examining it. 
Terms cash 
The catalogue gives the prices at my establishment without any 
discount, the packing and forwarding being at the cost of the buyer. 
All orders for my apparatus will be filled as promptly as possible. 
The greatest care is taken in packing, hut the goods are forwarded 
at the risk of the buyer. 
Orders not given for public institutions, have to bo accompanied 
by Bank draft, cheque, or reference where the goods will be paid 
in Paris, when forwarded.


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