Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Apparatus, Tests and Supplies for Psychology, Psychometry, Psychotechnology, Psychiatry, Neurology, Anthropology, Phonetics, Physiology, and Pharmacology
Stoelting, C. H.
No. 20255. 
produces a force which tends to turn the coil on its axis. In this chronoscope, although 
the current is cut off from the coil, say a few hundred sigma after it has been started, 
the coil continues to move in the same direction and swings through a definite angle, 
which depends on the strength of the current and the time during which that current 
was allowed to flow through the coil. With a current of given strength, therefore, the 
angle will depend only on the time interval during which the current flows. 
An excellent analogy to the swinging coil is an ordinary pendulum which, while at rest, 
may be thought as being given a short, vigorous push, but of definite strength. With 
a given force the swing of the pendulum will be greater as the time during which the 
force is applied increases. 
From these considerations, it is evident that if we can properly adjust the current, then 
the angle through which the coil swings, as indicated on a scale, can be made to represent 
time intervals on a scale of equal divisions. 
The current is adjusted to its proper value by means of suitable variable resistances 
mounted on the same box with the galvanometer and its lamp and scale. The galvano¬ 
meter scale is graduated to read up to 400


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