Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Price List of Psychological and Physiological Instruments and Apparatus
Willyoung, Elmer G.
^Section 3. 
In this section will be found Stands, Supports, Tables, Clamps and other 
similar devices. Also Motor Apparatus of various kinds, Batteries, etc. 
Iron Stands, Glsamps, Etc. 
The several Stands, Clamps, Joints, etc., S301 to S310, inclusive, below 
listed, are made to form parts of an interchangeable system. Thus either S305 
or S306 may be screwed upon the top of any of the rods of either S301 or S302. 
Or they may be screwed upon the ends of rods sliding in S303, etc., for 
a number of different combinations. 
S301. Tripod Stand........................$1 00 
Of iron, neatly japanned. Rod is 15 inches long, nickel plated, and 7-16 
inch in diameter. 
S 302. 
S 302. 
S302. Plain Clamp 
$0 73 
For horizontal or vertical 
positions. Of japanned iron, with nickel 
plated .rod 7-16 inch in diameter and 15 
inches long. 
Table Clamp, with Sectional Ball 
and Socket Joint .....$1 50 
In this clamp a 7-16 inch rod may be held at 
any point along its length and inclined at any 
desired angle with the table. 


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