Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Price List of Psychological and Physiological Instruments and Apparatus
Willyoung, Elmer G.
A strip of paper, 15 inches wide and of any desired length, is unrolled 
from one drum upon another about 12 inches distant by means of a spring 
placed within the second roller. Between the two rollers the paper 
passes over a flat metal bar, above which a pen moves upon guides in a 
line perpendicular to the direction of the paper’s motion. The rate at 
which the paper moves over this bar is regulated by an electro-magnetic 
escapement which may be controlled from a second’s or any other pen¬ 
dulum or by any other device for closing an electric circuit. At each 
make of the circuit the paper advances by about inch. The pen, 
which is capable of holding a considerable supply of ink, is to be at¬ 
tached to the particular thing whose movement is to be recorded, and 
moves against the tendency of a weight tending to always carry it in the 
same direction. An electric contact is attached to the pen in such a way 
that when the initial jerk comes upon the pen a circuit is broken so as to 
make a time record of the re-action of the particular muscle being ob¬ 
served. The apparatus is substantially made of metal upon a hard wood 
frame work. 
S212. Interrupted Extent Apparatus . ......$20 00 
As suggested by Dr. E. B. Titchener and made by us for Cornell Uni¬ 
A car is arranged to be drawn over nearly frictionless guiding ways 
by means of a weight. A pair of vanes of adjustable angle gear to a 
drum controlling the motion of the car and give it practically uniform 
speed of variable (at will) rates. Upon this car are adjustable clamps by 
which two or all three of the following strips of hard rubber may be 
held “end on’’ in any order so that the finger may be passed over. The 
strips are of same width and length. 
1. Open space strip, 5 cms. long, with one side planed down, except 
at the two ends, which are beveled up (on sides toward center) so as to 
have a sharp edge. 
2. Interrupted space strip, 5 cms. long, but with one side notched 
with V shaped teeth at intervals of 1 mm. 
3. Smooth space strip, 5 cms. long and smooth. 
S213. Combination Tilt and Rotation Table...........$50 00 
As designed and built for Dr. E. B. Titchener, of Cornell University. 
A skeleton wood pedestal has a stout metal shaft passing through its 
centre, and down through a bearing in the centre of a substantial wood 
base which may be bolted to the floor. A nut retains this shaft in position 
so as to allow of rotation of the pedestal. Three metal wheels attached to 
the pedestal and rolling upon metal ways placed upon the base, support 
the weight of the pedestal and provide easy and smooth rotation. Upon the 
top of the pedestal is the “chair-table,” which is made in three sections 


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