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Price List of Psychological and Physiological Instruments and Apparatus
Willyoung, Elmer G.
A large number of other combinations can easily be made. The key 
is substantially made of metal and mounted upon a polished hard wood 
base io inches by 4 inches in size. The workmanship is of the highest 
accuracy, so that the key may be used in the most exact investigations. 
For detailed description of the Multiple Key, see Studies from the 
Yale Psychological Laboratory, vol. I, p. 11 and 12, “Investigations in 
Reaction-time and Attention;" also p. 98, “Some New Psychological 
Note .—Since the above cut was made, changes in detail have been effected greatly im¬ 
proving this key. 
S 60. 
561. Scripture’s Five Finger Key (either hand)..........$9 00 
Five levers, arranged so that the knobs fit the fingers of the right hand, 
carry front and back contacts similar to to those in S8. The separate 
levers can be connected to make one record or five records. A similar 
key is made for the left hand. 
562. Scripture’s Automatic Contact for Determining the Latent 
Time of Spark Coils, Markers, Etc............$4 00 
For all accurate work and for training in laboratory practice it is neces¬ 
sary to measure the latent time at the make and break of the circuit in 
time markers and at the break in spark coils. The automatic contact is 
attached directly to the drum. The contact is attached to the 
drum support. A pin on the head of the drum makes or breaks the cir¬ 
cuit at a definite position, which is recorded by moving the drum slowly. 
The time-line and the marker, or the spark, are then arranged. By re¬ 
volving the drum at a high speed, the latent time can be determined with 
great accuracy. This can be attached (if so ordered) to any of the drums 
Si to S/C. 
S64. Scripture’s Models for Demonstrating the Treatment of 
Measurements.....................$15 00 
A large block carries a number of vertical steel rods. Colored beads and 
sticks are slipped on these rods to illustrate the relative frequencies of 
variations in measurements. Symmetrical or assymmetrical curves are 
formed. The apparent relation between the arithmetic mean and the 
median is clearly illustrated (see Studies from the Yale Psychological 
Laboratory, Vol. II). To save time in transforming the simple curve 


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