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of the sciences, does not preside at the installation, the 
provision of an equipment, however elaborate, will be in 
But although psychologists require from one another, and 
although universities require from their professors of psy¬ 
chology, some measure of familiarity with the principles of 
physics, and therefore with mathematics and applied physics, 
the kind and amount of this familiarity have never, so far 
as I know, been illustrated in the concrete by a description 
of the actual worki ng of a psychological laboratory. Accounts 
of certain American laboratories have been published, one at 
least with a diagram of ground-plan and a statement of the 
dimensions of its rooms ; there are papers dealing statistic¬ 
ally with endowment, equipment, student attendance, etc.;1 
1 The following are, I believe, the most important references :— 
(1) J. M. Baldwin, “The Psychological Laboratory in the University 
of Toronto”. Science, O.S., vol. xix., 1892, p. 143. 
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1894, p. 624. 
Of these papers (all of which, except nos. 3, 4 and 6, are known to me)


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