Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

photographs and plaster casts. And lastly come the purely 
sporadic expenditures, for occasional anatomical specimens 
or microscope slides, for preliminary models of instruments 
to be made in metal, for drawings of instruments or wall- 
charts, and so forth. Anything that remains at the end of 
the year goes towards the purchase of research instruments. 
The reader must not imagine that the line between 
‘ instruments ’ and * running expenses ’ can be very sharply 
drawn ; still less that a hard and fast division can be made 
between the various kinds of ‘ running expenses ’. I have 
had recourse to a rough classification for purposes of survey, 
but that is all. In reality, a good part of our ‘ running ex¬ 
penditure ’ inures to the benefit of the laboratory ; many of 
the items on the list are not perishable. The laboratory has 
just now to pay the penalty of its youth. Later on, when 
the sundries are no longer all to get, the running expenses 
will diminish, even if the general demands upon our resources 
should considerably increase. It is the first few years that cost. 
7. Conduct of the Laboratory.—The laboratory is opened 
at 8 a.m. It usually closes at 6 p.m., although it may be 
kept open until 11 p.m., if necessary. All lectures, except 
those intermixed with the drill work of the third under¬ 
graduate year, are given in the forenoon. I have not found 
that particular hours are preferred for research work ; 
though, indeed, the student’s day is generally so full that . 
hours are apt to be arranged rather by necessity than from’ 
convenience. Every student who works an hour as ‘ Ver¬ 
suchsobject ’ for his friend, takes it for granted that the 
friend will do him a like favour ; and so the groups con¬ 
stitute themselves, very amicably. Every leader oi a re¬ 
search group has a weekly meeting with the director, to 
report progress and discuss methods. The number and 
character of investigations differ considerably from year to 
year ; at present three major and six minor studies are in 
But the conduct of a laboratory is a personal matter. 
What I have written so far has, I hope, something of an 
objective ring about it. WTien a science is so young as 
experimental psychology still is, there must, of course, be 
differences of opinion as regards the indispensable parts of 
an equipment, the best method of reaching a proposed 
result, the proportioning of instruction and research. But 
these are all questions of degree. The question of the con¬ 
duct of the laboratory at large, as envisaged by the one man 
responsible for it, is much more important ; not only does 
much more hinge on it, but our answers to it may differ


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