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Experimental Psychology: A Manual of Laboratory Practice, Vol. II: Quantitative Experiments, part 2: Instructor's Manual
Titchener, Edward B.
Index of Subjects 
intervals; equal and unequal cases; 
equal 5-distances; equivalents ; five 
cases; j. n. d. ; j. not-n. d. ; limits; 
limits and differences, combined ; 
mean gradations ; mean stimuli ; mini¬ 
mal changes ; r. and w. answers ; r. 
and w. cases ; supraliminal differen¬ 
ces ; three cases ; two cases ; see 
Average error, etc. 
Methods for determination of thelimens 
of continuous change, 138 ff., 143. 
Metric formula, Fechner’s, xxix., xlix., 
xcv., xcviii, ci. ; Ebbinghaus’, cxxv., 
cxxix., 61 ; Plateau’s, lxix., 184. 
Metric methods, in Fechner, xxi., xxvi., 
cxiii. f., clxx., no; in 'Fullerton and 
Cattel, 117 f. ; how interrelated, 315 ff. ; 
two types of, 126, 317 ; two character¬ 
istic values furnished by, 166; as the 
typical methods of quantitative psy¬ 
chology, 318 ; question of the best 
method, 121, 147, 310 ; essays on, 315 ff. 
Metric principle of sensitivity, Fech- 
ner’s, xxii. 
Minimal changes, method of, 99, 105, 
116 ff., 164, 180 f., 298 ; a psychologi¬ 
cal, as distinct from a psychophysical 
method, 101, 106, 109; worked out by 
Wundt, 105 f. ; Wundt’s derivation of 
test values, 106 ff. ; implies procedure 
with knowledge, 128 ; see Least differ¬ 
ences, method of ; Limits, method of. 
ML, general heading for RL and DL 
in EL, xciv. ; in I. S., xcvii. ; in R., 
xcix. f. ; in Massprincipien, cv. f. 
Modal sensitivity (M. S.), clxvii. ff. 
Mode, empirical. 9, 361. 
Motor psychology, 364 ff.; no warrant 
for speaking of a ‘ motor side of con¬ 
sciousness,’ 364; problems of psychol¬ 
ogy and psychophysics of movement, 
364 ; relatively neglected by the older 
experimentalists, 365 ff. ; typical inves¬ 
tigations in, 366; characteristics of 
recent work in, 366 f., 369; offers a 
psychological method that is inde¬ 
pendent of introspection, 367 ff.; list of 
works on rapidity of movement, 370 ; 
on accuracy of movement, 370 f. (cf 
extent of movement, 261); expts. on 
force of movement, 148 ff.; sources of 
variable error in dynamometry, 149; 
expts. on time of movement, 149 ff. ; 
sources of variable error, 150 f. 
Motors, electric, 324. 
Movement, of reaction, significance and 
analysis of, 351 ff. ; general psychol¬ 
ogy and psychophysics of, see Motor 
Miiller, G. E., publishes the G., xxxiv., 
xlvii. ; on the summation of 5-units, 
lii. ; on the equality of the j. n. d., 
Ixxi., lxxv. f.; insists on the approxima¬ 
tive character of Weber’s Law, xcii. ; 
criticises Fechner’s doctrine of the 
RL, xcv. f. ; criticises the relation of 
the RL to the DL in Fechner’s sys¬ 
tem, xcvi. f., cvii. ; suggests a material 
substrate for the difference-5, xcvii. f. ; 
criticises Fechner’s view of the seat of 
mind, of attention, etc., cii. f., cvii.; 
publishes the U. E. (with L. J. Mar¬ 
tin), 300; publishes the M., 310. 
MUnsterberg-Jastrow effect, 87. 
MV, as measure of variability, 145 f., 154, 
167, 179, 361 ; in method of least dif¬ 
ferences, 7, 37, 47 ; in Higier’s ex¬ 
tended method, 18 ; ' in Kraepelin’s 
combined method, 23; in Scripture’s 
modified method, 47 ; and SD, 10, 
146; and RE, 11, 146; course of, in 
Delbceuf’s expts. by method of equal 
5-distances, 214. 
Ocular measurement, Weber’s expts. 
upon, xvi., xvii. f. ; Fechner’s expts. 
upon, xxi., 163Î Volkmann’s expts. 
upon, 163; Miinsterberg’s apparatus 
for study of, 210. 
OL or overlimens, 19, 255, 267. 
Optical illusions, measurement of, cliii., 
Papers, black, white, and grey, care of, 
Parallel law, Fechner’s, xxvi., xxxii., 
xciii. f.


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