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Experimental Psychology: A Manual of Laboratory Practice, Vol. II: Quantitative Experiments, part 2: Instructor's Manual
Titchener, Edward B.
§14- Determinations of the Highest Audible Tone 45 
Zw. (219 obs.) 
Cu. (190 obs.) 
Under 10 
10 to 20 
d^ + X tone 
20 to 30 
e1 + 2 commas 
30 to 40 
d'§ — 2 commas 
£‘ + i comma 
40 to 50 
+ l tone 
d1 l + I tone 
50 to 60 
66— i comma 
Over 60 
+ \ tone 
The limits are averages. All ears examined were normal. The 
air pressure was approximately the same for all experiments. 
(15) C. Stumpf and M. Meyer, Wied. Ann., N. F. lxi. 
(ccxcvii.), 778. The limit is set by the Edelmann whistle, 
older form. The authors expressly state that this physical tone- 
limit is not necessarily the physiological hearing limit : to deter¬ 
mine the latter, we must have better sources of sound.—The 
requirement has, to some extent at least, been met by the newer 
pattern of the Edelmann whistle. 
(16) F. Bezold, Z., xiii., 166. The whistle resembled that 
used by Stumpf and Meyer.—An earlier paper appeared in Z. f. 
Ohrenheilkunde, xxiii., 1892, 254 ff. 
(17) A. Schwendt, Pfl. Arch., lxxv., 362. The limits, with 
various instruments, are : 
Koenig cylinders 
204S0 (really 18432) ; 
Koenig forks 
Koenig Galton whistle 
21845 or somewhat higher ; 
Edelmann Galton whistle 
27361 or somewhat higher. 
“ Instruments which demonstrably give 40000 vs. have not as 
yet been constructed. Nor have tones of this pitch ever been 
(18) M. Th. Edelmann, Drude’s Ann., 4te F., ii., 476. “ With 
these improved whistles, it can easily be shown that the extreme 
limit of hearing extends for many persons to 50000 vs., or even 
somewhat higher.” 
(19) C. S. Myers, Journ. of Physiol., xxviii., 425. “ A whistle 
tone of 50000 vs. per sec. is inaudible. The highest audible 
tone from the Hawksley Galton whistle for young adults is one 
of from 20000 to 25000 vs. per sec.” See the same author,


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