Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Experimental Psychology: A Manual of Laboratory Practice, Vol. I: Qualitative Experiments, part 2: Instructor's Manual
Titchener, Edward B.
The Affective Qualities 
smoked surface must be covered by the varnish. One of the 
clips is then released, and the record drawn out and hung up to 
The ordinary hanging clips sold by picture dealers, having a 
spring clip below and a curved hook above, make (d) useful clips 
for holding and suspending the records. Behind the varnishing 
tray stands an upright 
wooden frame, carry- 
ing (e) projecting arms 
or hangers. The hooks 
are slipped over these 
arms, and the records 
drip into the tray be¬ 
low. When the record 
has been hung up, the 
bottle is lowered to a 
shelf below the tray, 
and the varnish runs 
back. The cork or 
stopper must be re¬ 
moved while the bottle 
is emptying and fill¬ 
ing, but should be care¬ 
fully replaced when the 
work is concluded. 
Fig. 32.-—Varnishing tray and drying rack. $5. -A-S SOOn as the rec¬ 
ord is dry, it should be 
trimmed, and either pasted in the note-book, with its accompany¬ 
ing introspective record, or else laid without folding in a port¬ 
folio. In the latter case it must be conspicuously numbered, 
and a corresponding number placed over the note-book intro¬ 
spection. Curves easily ‘ get mixed ’ ; and nothing is more 
aggravating than to possess a good record which cannot be 
certainly identified. 
(8) The Marey tambour is, in principle, a small metal funnel, 
the mouth of which is closed by a piece of tightly stretched india- 
rubber sheeting. A small and light disc of metal, cemented 
to the rubber, carries the writing-point. The small end of the


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