Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Experimental Psychology: A Manual of Laboratory Practice, Vol. I: Qualitative Experiments, part 2: Instructor's Manual
Titchener, Edward B.
§ 42- The Plethysmograph 
As the drum revolves, it presents a continuous writing-sur¬ 
face, — precisely the same surface, of course, that would be 
afforded if the cylin¬ 
der were slit down its 
length and spread out 
flat ; but in more com¬ 
pendious form, and 
under better control. 
(2) Instrument-mak¬ 
ers supply kymograph 
paper with their ky¬ 
mographs. It is a 
fairly tough, glazed 
paper, cut in strips 
whose width is the 
height of the drum 
and whose length is 
about 5 mm. more 
than the circumfer¬ 
ence. The overlap¬ 
ping edge is gummed 
on its unglazed side. FlG' 29—The Ludwig-BalUar kymograph. Zim- 
. . t mermann, Petzold, etc. ; with accessories, Mk. 900. 
The cylinder is laid See Langendorff, Physiol. Graphik, 1891, 19. 
in the smoking stand, 
no. (3). The gummed edge of a strip of paper is moistened, 
and the paper passed under the drum, glazed side outwards ; 
the edges are brought together above and the gummed edge 
pressed down smoothly and snugly over the other. The paper 
should fit the drum squarely, and should show no crease or 
other unevenness. 
(3) The smoking stand, in its simplest form, consists of two 
upright strips of wood on a wooden base. The strips are cut 
out, in U-shape, at the top, so that the axis of the drum may rest 
upon them : their distance apart must be regulated by the 
length of this axis. The papered drum is laid on the stand, 
and its axis revolved by the fingers of the left hand. 
(4) The right hand holds the smoking lamp, a small petroleum¬ 
burning lamp with broad wick. As the drum is turned, the


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