Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Psychology: The Science of Human Behaviour
Givler, Robert Ch.
And lastly, though not any the less in importance 
than the foregoing, change of work or avocational 
interest, and the judicious use of exercise to keep fit 
must not be omitted from this consideration. For 
most of the boredom and monotony we experience 
is due either to our having lost interest in the game 
of healthy living or else to our existing solely on the 
margin of energy which the day’s food supplies or 
the day’s obligations call forth. And so it is quite 
plain that fatigue depends as much on a man’s pru¬ 
dence and morale as on any other factors. And while 
there will perhaps always be the plowman who 
“homeward plods his weary way,” and “tired eyelids 
upon tired eyes,” it is just as certain that the prob¬ 
lem of fatigue will be solved by nothing other than 
the wise application of psychology to all the condi¬ 
tions which make work and life what they can be at 
their best.


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