Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Psychology: The Science of Human Behaviour
Givler, Robert Ch.
the individual make-up of the artist ; in general, how¬ 
ever, there is more hard work and less inspiration 
than is usually supposed. The poet or the inventor 
starts out with a more or less definite plan or aim 
or ambition ; and the plan persists, if only as a ner¬ 
vous disposition, to determine the course of his ideas. 
It also helps to initiate the imaginative complex, the 
first clue to which seems in fact to come, at least or¬ 
dinarily, as an inspiration, a happy thought ; some 
external situation, or some grouping of the associa¬ 
tive tendencies that is active at the moment, touches 
off the disposition, and the initial idea flashes into 
mind. Whether this first idea is crude or complete, 
and whether the stream of later ideas is broad or 
narrow, these things depend altogether upon circum¬ 
stances. Now, at any rate, begins the stage of skilled 
labor ; the idea is worked upon and worked over ; 
the plan decides what shall be accepted, what re¬ 
jected, what put aside for another trial ; we are re¬ 
minded of the course of recollection—-only that re¬ 
jection, active as it is in memory, is still more to the 
fore in imagination, and construction is more criti¬ 
cal than reconstruction. Here and there other happy 
thoughts may crop up ; but in essentials this stage of 
hard work continues, until the idea attains its final 
expression in objective terms, in the words of the 
poem, for instance, or in the effective machine. 
Meantime there have been all sorts of feelings. The 
imaginative ideas bring with them their own feel¬ 
ings of strangeness ; but this may be overwhelmed by 
the joy of success or the irritation of failure; and 
these feelings may themselves alternate, swinging 
from extreme to extreme. Meantime, also, there 
have been all sorts of empathie experiences, which 
have formed about the focal processes, vivifying and


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